Ember Air understand that the services we offer are new to the market with the concept of turning the heat generated by the combustion process directly into hot air largely ignored due the quirks of the RHI scheme and the financial paybacks that were available. We therefore welcome all your questions which we will take our time to answer so you can understand the technology and what it has to offer.

The Next Steps...

  1. Get a good understanding of what you would like to achieve both now and in the future.

  2. Use our experience to come up with a solution by putting ourselves in your shoes and letting you know what we would do.

  3. Give you a good idea of the overall cost up front.

  4. Explain how everything would work.

  5. Show you exactly what is involved in running these blowers, so nothing comes as a surprise post installation.



If want to take things further, we will work with you to refine the project and eventually arrive at a final quotation which will include:

  • The actual cost of the project (not an estimate).

  • What your requirements are and how they have been met.

  • What goods are included complete with full specifications.

  • A detailed breakdown of what services are included.

  • What elements of the project are excluded.

  • Timescales for delivering to site and carrying out the installation.

  • Any site-specific requirements (provision of mechanical handling equipment, scaffolding etc.)

  • Schedule of payments.

  • Full terms and conditions.

  • Post installation documentation and on-going support. 

The blowers are a manual device which rely heavily on the knowledge of the operator so we will go through this in detail with you offering demonstrations if required at our premises.


We install all over England, Scotland, Wales & Ireland


We have put together together an information sheet based on questions received from interested parties and feedback from existing customers, this includes illustrative prices for typical installations.

       Alternatively click below to view pricing.