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The Orligno 600 range of hot air blowers are a development of the already hugely successful Orligno 200 boiler models and are specifically aimed at space and process heating where heated water is not required. This process works by rather than converting thermal energy from one medium (air) into another (water) and then back again, these blowers heat the air directly.
The increased efficiency of this simplified process is impressive as the air temperatures and flow rates achievable are much greater. 
It has the same characteristics as the previous models with simple, easy to understand technology and it just falls to the operator to ensure that they know exactly how to get the best from these boilers.


Therefore it is vital that anybody operating these boilers has been trained and instructed on how to use them safely and effectively with a full understanding of how they work. We do offer extensive on-site training post installation and are always available once we have left site.

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In common with the rest of the Eco Angus range of boilers, the O600 has the ability to enter a slumber mode when its set temperature has been achieved. The induction fan(s) cut out and the combustion process is starved of oxygen. The wood inside the boiler starts to turn into charcoal which readily ignites again should the heat demand return and the induction fan(s) start. The induction fans operate momentarily during slumber mode which prevents the combustion process being extinguished. They cannot operate during a power failure so this eventuality will extinguish the blower (an important safety feature).   

   The Orligno 600 range of blowers come in  
25kW, 40kW, 60kW, 80kW, 80kW Plus & 130kW

25kW and 40kW - These models can reach the maximum operating temperature of 120 degrees centigrade with reduced airflow or can be configured with maximum airflow at lower temperatures.

60kW - is designed to work with maximum airflow and at maximum temperature.

80kW - can achieve higher airflows at maximum temperature and the 80kW Orligno 600 plus takes this to the next level with dual fans.

130kW -  is the top of the range has dual fans as standard and can achieve maximum dual fan airflow and maximum temperature.

What is the right blower size for you?




25kW -   £8,150
40kW -   £9,070


60kW -    £10,240

80kW -    £12,510


80kW Plus -    £13,080

130kW -        £15,360

Pricing Includes

  • Orligno 600 Hot Air Blower

  • Labour

  • Delivery charges for UK stock provider.          

  • Travel up to 50 miles from CA8 9BE                 

  • Supply and installation of twin wall stainless steel flue system to 3m in height

  • Supply and installation of 3m of galvanized ducting

Note: For installation prices in locations over 50 miles from CA8 9BE, add £1.00 per mile.

All prices are for illustrative and budgeting purposes only and are exclusive of VAT @ 20%
*Delivery charges will increase if stock is needed to be shipped in from the EU Manufacturer.

Boiler prices © Eco Angus Ltd

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 Controller Features

  • Hot air range temperature: 50-120°C

  • Blower hysteresis 0-9°C

  • Modulation for front fan

  • Front fan power range 30-100%

  • Hot air blower activation range 40-120°C

  • Extinguish time 0-45 minutes

  • Blow through operation 0-90 seconds

  • Blow through interval 1-60 minutes

  • Hold up of front fan 30 seconds – 9 minutes

  • Languages: Polish, English and German

  • Room thermostat cooperation

  • Emergency blower activation 125°C

The Orligno 600 range of blowers have much higher internal operating temperatures so the wiring and control panel are externally mounted. The control panel functions allow a high degree of control over the appliance and airstream temperatures which can be customised by the operator. By selecting a suitable temperature, the blower can run overnight without running out of fuel, so it does not have to be lit from cold every day. Whilst this might mean that lower airflow temperatures need to be set, the air velocity can be maintained.

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