Questions & Answers 

Do I need three phase electrics?

No, the blower is really efficient and only requires a 13amp supply. The biggest blower in the range only 

Can you supply blowers outside the UK?

Yes, we are able to supply our blowers outside the UK. Before the blower is sent it would be commissioned by ourselves to ensure it is set up correctly. When the blower arrives on site it would just need to be assembled as per our instructions, throughout the whole process we would be available on the phone or by email.

What is a gasification blower?

How efficient is the Orligno Hot Air Blower?

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Can you fit the ducting yourself?

Yes, you can install the ducting yourself all we ask is that you let us know what your set-up is and we will provide you with the correct installation information to ensure its not causing any damage to the blower.

How long will it take to dry green logs?

If the logs are green then we are seeing drying times of around 4-5 days to get the moisture content below 20% 

Can I make changes to the set up later down the line?

Yes, but we ask that any changes are discussed with us beforehand to ensure that there isnt too much backpressure placed on the blower. Any changes that impact the blowers running will impact the warranty. 

Do we offer Finance?

We don't offer Finance ourselves however many of our customers have used Evangate Finance, please send us an email if you would like more information: 

Should the container be insulated?

We do recommend the container to be insulated so that there is no heat lost 

Let's Work Together

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