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Bathroom Installations

The whole idea of installing a new (or refurbishing an old) bathroom can seem daunting.

/ Who is going to design the bathroom and tell me what is or isn't possible?

/ Where are the best places to get the new suite from?

/ Who is going to strip out the old bathroom, disconnect everything and get rid of the waste?

/ Where can I find an electrician?

/ Who is going to do the tiling and where do I get tiles from?

/ What type of floor, ceiling or lighting do I want and who is going to supply and install them?


We provide a one stop solution to all these problems and can offer a complete design, supply, installation and commissioning service. We will spend the time to make sure we have a clear understanding of what your requirements are and can work with you to come up with a complete package which meets these requirements. This will be accompanied by a comprehensive quotation (not an estimate) which itemises everything so there are no misunderstandings either in the services being offered or the cost of those services. 

​Call or text us now on 07889 728372 or email us at

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