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General Services

Twin Wall Flue Installations

We hold the necessary qualifications to install twin wall flue systems which are essential for all high efficiency boilers. These are then certified through NAPIT.


Water Piping Repair & Installation

As a company we only use copper pipe as our historical experiences with plastic pipe has left us with no long term confidence in this technology.



Repair/Replace/Install fittings

We can assess all types of fittings and fixtures and carry out a repair if possible and supply and fit replacements if necessary. 




Radiator Replacement

Incorrectly sized, corroded or obsolete radiators can be replaced with efficient modern alternatives in a wide range of styles to suit all tastes.

Thermostatic Radiator Valves

Old wheel type radiator valves can be replaced with thermostatic valves which control the temperature of the radiator, reducing the running costs of the system.


We can service all types of fittings as well as controlled appliances like unvented domestic hot water cylinders and biomass boilers.

Water Pumps

Old water pumps can be replaced with energy efficient modern alternatives giving increased circulation if necessary.



Cold Mains Pressure Boosting

Poor mains pressure and flow rates can be boosted using pumps and cold water accumulators which increase the performance of water outlets.



Heat Meters

We can supply and fit heat meters which are essential for non-domestic RHI installations or domestic RHI installations which retain a fossil fuel back-up boiler.





We can assess all types of taps and carry out a repair if possible or supply and fit modern replacements if necessary. 

Waste Pipe Repair & Installation

Blocked, leaking or damaged waste pipes can be replaced or reconfigured to prevent the loss of water traps which leads to unpleasant odours.


We relish the opportunity to troubleshoot problems with heating or plumbing installations and come up with solutions if possible.

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