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Smart Heating Controls

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Wiser Room Thermostat.JPG

As a company we recommend Wiser heating controls as the best way to manage how heat is used in the house. This elegant system is made up of three key parts; room thermostat, radiator thermostat and the app. These are linked by the brains of the operation - The Heat Hub. Wiser is easy to retrospectively fit to any radiator system and can be tailored to your personal needs without any alteration to pipe work.


Once installed, each radiator in the property can be programmed to provide different temperatures and schedules for the room it's installed in. Settings can be made via the app from anywhere in the world and the visual representation make the whole process very intuitive and easier than a convention programmer. Individual radiators can be grouped into zones so they work together so all bedrooms for instance can be set back during the day and living areas set back during the night. The system works with Amazon Alexa, the Google Assistant and IFTTT.


Wiser Plug.JPG

Smart plugs are available which work alongside all smart thermostat & multi-zone kits from Wiser to offer complete control of electrical appliances, as well as having the added benefit of a built-in signal range extender to boost signal to all Wiser devices. This is important when installing the system into larger properties. Enhance security by scheduling your lamps to come on when you are away. Set up to 8 events per day via the Wiser Heat App. Enjoy peace of mind when using smart plugs with devices. Check the status of your electrical appliances via the Wiser Heat app and switch on or off as needed. Never have that 'what if' worry again if you think you’ve left the iron on. Add a smart plug to your slow cooker to ensure every meal is cooked to perfection and perfectly timed. Set the schedule to the required times and have dinner ready as soon as you get home - total convenience, total enjoyment!



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