Ember Air have developed in association with         a range of wood fuelled hot air blowers which can produce a constant stream of clean hot air directly from the combustion process at a rate of 2,400m3 per hour. The use of water as a transfer medium has been eliminated making the already capable Eco Angus range more efficient. No longer constrained by the amount of heat water can absorb, airstream temperatures of up to 120 degrees C can be achieved.
The blowers are much more affordable as there is no need for expensive accumulators and there is no risk of freezing or corrosion from constant contact with water.

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  • Powerful fan producing up to 2,400m3 of hot air per hour.

  • Customisable operating temperature (50 - 120 degrees C)

  • Customisable airstream temperature (40 - 120 degrees C)

  • Slumber mode which does not waste wood if target temperatures have been reached. 

  • Range of outputs from 25kW up to 130kW (80kW plus & 130kW have two fans standard)

  • 8mm steel construction 

  • Ability to burn all types of wood including waste wood, chip, and sawdust (as part of a mixed load)

  • Low maintenance

  • Low electricity consumption 




​​The hot air blowers have a multitude of applications which can be used wherever there is a need for heated fresh air.
The extensive Orligno 600 range of outputs means that a suitable blower can be utilised for everything from;

Along with many other applications, if you want to discuss something bespoke please do get in touch. 

  • Workshops

  • Marquees

  • Warehouses 

  • Polytunnels

  • Offices

  • Drying Kilns


Imminent changes in legislation will mean owners of stoves, wood burners and open fires won’t be able to buy house coal or wet wood. As part of the UK government’s drive to cut air pollution, sales of wet wood in small units less than 2 cubic metres will be phased out from February 2021, as the sale of traditional house coal ends altogether. Wet wood in volumes greater than 2 cubic metres will have to be sold with advice on how to dry it before burning. Those producing solid fuels will need to demonstrate they have a very low sulphur content, only emitting a small amount of smoke.  To be clear, this only currently applies to users in England. For more information please follow the link below;  


We are helping firewood suppliers comply with this legislation by installing low cost, high volume hot air blowers in existing drying facilities, containers, outbuildings, and custom-made professional kilns. If the suppliers are processing wood themselves then the versatility of the wood fuel that can be burnt by the blower means that sawdust and offcuts can be burnt as part of a mixed load. This means that what would normally be a waste product can be used to dry the premium wood.

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